Watching My Garden Grow

Bean Plant

Close up shot of one my heirloom bush beans!

Our weather is perfect here in upstate NY for growing a garden. It always is. Our reputation is one of no sun. It is a deserved reputation, I guess. But we get some sun and lots of rain. Guess what makes your garden grow? Not hot temps and no rain! Sorry all my southern friends, especially Texans. I wish I could send you some of the excess rain we get here in NY, but I don’t want you to send me your hot temperatures.

Bush Bean Beds

The second bed has heirloom wax beans in it.

I am looking forward to harvesting and canning a lot of beans this year. It is a plant that really does well for me. It is true that the more you pick the more you will get. We pick them as much as possible. When the plants give out after a few pickings, I pull them up and plant some more. Green beans are a staple that I like to keep a lot of in my pantry. I weeded these beds today and they look like they are doing good so far.

Cucumber Seedlings

Heirloom cucumber seedlings waiting to be planted!

Today, my internet went down so I worked out in the garden. I planted these little seedlings. Blonde Boothby cucumbers, which we loved last year. We were eating them like apples all summer! The other one is Lemon cucumbers and last year they did not do well in the ground. So I am hoping they will do better this year. I’d like to try them. I am planning on trying to make some pickles again this year. We went through every jar I had in the pantry this year. And most of those were pickles my father made from his garden the year before last I think.

Blackberry Bush RipeningBlackberries are starting to ripen.

 How is your garden coming along? Is it all planted? You still have time to get your garden in!


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All Photographs Copyright © 2012 Kathleen G. Lupole

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