The Beauty Of Fresh Snow

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Fresh Snow Today!

More snow this morning. Not too bad though, since we are all set for the day. It is when you have to go out and do something that the snow hinders us. I hate to drive in snow and I don’t very often. My husband can drive anywhere, even if the road is not plowed. We can always get out of here. 

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Logs covered with snow!

Cutting firewood can be done in the other seasons when you don’t need it. That will build your piles up and in the winter you can just take from that. We don’t do that. My husband does not like to do firewood then and he has his own ways of doing things. I don’t interfere in what he does or how he does it. We are always warm in the winter and that is all that matters.

Homesteading On The Internet

My son on the forest path

Keeping paths shoveled to the various places we need to get to is essential. That way we can move around easily regardless of the snow. Our animals like to use the paths and it isn’t often we will see our cats or dog not using a shoveled path. They like it easy. Our dog though, uses the path as her bathroom and so I try to avoid those paths.

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Trees across the road.

 The beauty of the fresh snowfall is something I always looks forward to. No matter how tough the winter is, God gives us something to enjoy along with that. In fact, the work is something we humans have made for ourselves. If we could live without shoveling, driving somewhere in the snow or at the least, having a load of firewood and hay stored for the winter, then I don’t think the winter would be half bad. 

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