Taking Our Stray Duck To A New Home

Cayuga DuckLook who showed up at our house recently!

My husband and I approached our house coming from a trip to the store, and I saw something black in the road. I exclaimed, “That is not one of the cats.” As we got closer, we could see it was bird. I thought it was a wild turkey, as we had to stop along the way to the store to let a flock of them cross in front of us. It was not, it was a duck! He followed us into the driveway as if he was waiting for us.

Pet Duck

He was a friendly little guy, sharing my husband’s supper with him!

The trouble with us keeping this little guy was that we had no place to keep him. No place safe. Our home is surrounded by thousands of acres of state forest. Many wild critters live within close range to our house. He was sleeping on our deck right outside the sliding glass door. I think he was afraid at night and stayed awake the whole time. He slept in the day time when we were outside and he felt safe.


Black DuckHanging out on the deck!

I asked one of my homesteading friends if she’d be willing to take the duck in to live with her flock. She would. I was a little sad about having to give him away as he was really a nice friendly guy. But this was no way for him to live. He needed to be with other ducks and have the proper food and care. Our home is not set up for livestock, except for horses.

 Cat Carrier

I needed a container to transport the duck. A cat carrier is perfect!

I discovered that he was a Cayuga Duck. I can’t understand why someone would have dumped him off at our house, unless they didn’t want a male duck. A drake is what they are called. I didn’t really know he was a male though until we took him to my friend’s house. She told me you could tell my the curly feather on his back. Who would have known that? 

Luring Duck

 What do you have for me there?

 The only proper container I could find to transport our duck was a cat carrier. I had used it once to transport a chicken so I knew it would work. This duck was not as used to being carried around as my chicken was, so we had to lure him into the container. Once my husband got him inside, he was quiet and got used to it. Of course, there were some bits of food in there to keep him occupied.

 Duck going inside

Checking it out!

My husband thought it best to lure the duck with a little bit of food scraps. It seemed to work because he loved to eat anything we could find for him. He also loved my husband and would follow him around the yard. During the ride over, he did not make any trouble. Calm as could be and we would hear an occasional, soft “quack.”

Chicken And Duck Flock

Checking out the new flock!

When we got to my friend’s house, her ducks came out from under her deck and she tossed some food out for them. Our duck joined right in and must have thought it was a feast. He hadn’t had proper food since he had come to our house. He did eat some horse pellets and crackers and bread. But that was not proper or healthy for him. She had other types of ducks, so this was her first Cayuga Duck. I hope she will like it.

Chicken Duck Cat

New friends!

My husband noticed he seemed to take to that white chicken. He was following him around while we were there. The black cat was also checking him out too. He knew it was a new duck added to their flock. Smart cat! By the time we checked out all my friend’s critters, the duck seemed to fit right in with the others. I am glad he now has a good home with other ducks and birds.  

Chicken and Duck Flock

 Part of the flock!

 My friend said her husband named him “Doc” and he was doing just fine. I am happy to hear that, as he is a good little guy. 

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