I Love My New SunDanzer Refrigerator!


Our New Refrigerator!

Having lived for over six years without a refrigerator, having one now has changed my life. My husband thought it was time to buy one. We bought the SunDanzer 8.0 cubic foot one. It is built like a chest freezer and is a way better than an energy star appliance. I think the SunDanzer is laughing at those energy hogs!


In The Pantry! It fits!

It took up a good bit of room in my pantry, but hey, I had an ice chest in here before. The ice chest would sweat and get the floor all wet. This little gem, is as quiet as can be and keeps our food so cold. My husband loves his ice cold milk now. It does not have a freezer. When we decide to add a freezer, we will buy another SunDanzer, but the freezer model. So no ice cream for now!

SunDanzer light

Light On!

The food is put on the floor of the appliance and in the shelves. They move from side to side. It is the perfect size for the two of us. What a difference to be able to stock up on some meat and dairy items. I used to lose quite a bit of food in the summer. Not to mention buying 2-3 bags of ice every day. Grocery shopping was taking a toll on us. Neither one of us wanted to go to the store. Sometimes I’d hold out, knowing my husband’s hunger would get him in the truck and on the way! LOL

SunDanzer Inside

Side shelf is over the motor.

 The little shelf on the side is built over the motor. It comes in handy as a shelf and I have been keeping all the dairy products there. Since I eat low carbs, dairy is a very important part of my food plan and I had a hard time keeping it in an ice chest. When the ice would melt it would get everything slimy. Yuck!


Movable shelves on top.

It really was not that expensive compared to brand new refrigerators. Of course, I know they have a freezer. They automatically defrost and this does not. I will have to do it. Keeping it clean and at the right temperature will help in that chore. But the SunDanzer refrigerator uses less electric than my laptop does! It is hooked up directly to our batteries and does not need the inverter to be turned on to run. It stays running, because it is DC instead of AC. That is why it is called a solar refrigerator. Excuse me, while I go get a cold drink! 


Copyright © 2013 Kathleen G. Lupole
All Photographs Copyright © 2013 Kathleen G. Lupole