Garden Made It Through The Storm

Wooden raised beds

Our garden yesterday/

Our garden made it through the storm last night. Actually, when it was happening, I wasn’t even thinking about the garden. I was praying that our house, barn, horses and solar panels and wind turbine would not get hit by the constant lightning. I heard a loud crack and then a crash. I figured a tree had fallen in the forest. It sounded close, but I didn’t realize how close till morning. I looked out the window when I got up early and was sad to see my favorite tree laying on the ground, across my newly planted raised beds!  

Tree split by storm

My Favorite Tree!

This cherry tree is my favorite of all trees. I have always liked looking at it and it’s shape reminds me of a woman dancing. I spend a lot of time in my garden and my tree is right there with me. It is a huge old cherry trees with six separate trees all growing from the trunk. It is awesome and I was just talking about it the other day. I meant to get out and trim the elm trees’ leaves that are growing right behind it. In fact, I had taken my clippers out to do it. I needed to trim back those leaves on the elms because they had created too much shade over the ends of the raised beds. You could see the plants in those beds were stretching toward the sun, and their leaves are smaller than the other plants. I never got to that job before the storm though.

Tree Hit By Lightning

Almost got my plants!

It almost smashed some plants and I am amazed it didn’t. The newest raised bed (that my husband had just completely rebuilt!) was hit hard. Some of the plants were missed by less than an inch. One of my Hopi Pale Gray Squash plants was hit, but survived. Shows you how strong they really are. My husband got to work right away to remove that tree. I am thankful to have a husband who doesn’t put things off. In this case, I needed to get those plants back to normal as quickly as possible. Now I will be afraid of a storm bringing down more trees on our property. Thankful that it didn’t hit our house. 

Tree down on garden

Tree down on garden!

At least the storm caused us to get a start on next winter’s firewood supply. While my husband was cutting up the tree for firewood, I started working on transplanting some of my seedlings that needed to be planted. Then I started trimming the elm trees. Then he told me he could cut those branches off the elm trees faster with the chainsaw. And he trimmed them quickly. Now the whole area is getting more sun. It is opened up nicely. I like it and I think when a certain deer comes back today, I will see him much faster and can chase him away immediately. I think if I keep at it, he will not want to return here, or so I hope.

Tree fell on raised bed.

Tree on the new raised bed!

Maybe this storm caused the tree to come down to get me to work on the trimming around the beds. Now it is not so shaded and that should make the beds produce much more. Even the tree that came down, shaded the beds at that end quite a bit. Now it is really open and nice. But I will always dread the sound of thunder and lightning storms. We lost one inverter and a printer last year to lightning. Scares me to death! But it could have been worse and I am thankful it wasn’t. 

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