Living Without A Motor Vehicle

No Fuel Transportation

Transportation that uses No fuel…..except the human kind!

Living without a motor vehicle is not easy! When we moved to our homestead in 1999, we planned on trying to live without a motor vehicle. We thought we’d be better off out here with no gas to buy or auto insurance to pay for. And the repairs! They are always the worst thing I can think of when you own a vehicle. Expensive and sometimes very hard to fix. Our homestead is only 6 miles from the small town of Oxford, and 10 miles from Greene. So it seemed like a perfect place to live and phase out the gasoline powered automobile.

Human Powered Transportation

Human Powered Transportation

We purchased a mountain bike from eBay and my husband started riding it. He was in good shape. If you are not, it will get you in shape pretty fast. Soon I purchased a kids’ cart that you pull on the back of the bicycle. It was perfect! At that time, I had an eBay store and had many parcels going out daily. Our mailbox was a mile away on another road. My husband would drive to the mailbox to wait for the mail carrier to appear. Our dog, Nikita loved that morning run and the time alone with my husband!

No Gasoline Vehicles

Traveling home from the store!

Going to the mailbox though, wasn’t nearly as tough as pedaling to the grocery store in Oxford. New York state is mostly hills…….big ones! It took my husband three hours to travel to and from the store. 12 miles. As long a time as it takes to drive to New York City from here. He went to the gas station and got cans of gasoline and kerosene. Then to the store for food and supplies. He did it a few times. It was not as easy as we thought. I knew I could have never done it myself. We had our hay, feed and building supplies delivered by a store that sold and delivered all of it. We did it for 8 months, but couldn’t keep up with it.

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