Loving Your Pet At Any Age Or Condition

White cat

Loving your pet at any age or condition is normal. It is no secret that I love my pets. I have always been that way about my animals. They usually end up being a big part of my life. My husband KNEW that about me before we even had all these pets. I had a Siamese cat, Nutmeg, and I would not even leave her at my parents’ when we went on the road while he drove an over-the-road truck. At that time, I saw in him, a man who was compassionate and caring toward animals. Even to the point of once a big dog left at a truck stop was pleading with him to take him with us, and he had a hard time driving off. We had no room for a dog, or any means to care for one in the cab of a truck with us and my cat, living in close quarters. 

loving your pet

My Good Boy!

Now we have three cats who we have had for over ten years. We have three horses that we have had since 2000. Recently, a new male cat moved in, but not in our house. That is “Spots” who you see in the photos. Yes, as they get older, they tend to be a bit more care. Just like people, I might add. Nikita, our dog, who passed away in February of this year, at 15 years of age, had become harder to care for. Being a very big and stubborn dog, she still did most things herself. She had to have a ramp to go in and out. And she had to go to the bathroom often and sometimes, barely had enough time to get outside because she waited so long. I wrote this post on my original blog, about her troubles going up and down the stairs. It is just part of the normal life span for us pet owners, loving your pet no matter what.

loving your pet


One of my biggest obstacles has been the money to care for them properly. Since veterinarian services are now as expensive as medical doctors (and I can’t afford them), I have been trying to research how to afford health care for my pets. Today I researched some health care insurance for pets. But they do just like the health insurance companies for humans do, and are afraid to post their quotes or at least a ball park figure. I think they figure if they speak to you on the phone, you will let them talk you into something you cannot afford. Ha! So I put together my own pet first aid kit

loving your pet

Good Morning Spots!

Loving your pet makes you want to take care of it when it is older or sick. I have been trying hard to earn “my own income” so I can properly care for all of my pets. That is what makes me write nonstop daily, work on my computer as much as I can and keep my blogs and eBooks going if possible. I need to do this, for me. I cannot drive to a job, since I do not have a car yet………another thing, I am working to buy if my blogs ever generate enough income for that too. It is not easy in this economy to generate money from the internet. Nobody has any to spend I guess. 


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