Fall is in the Garden!

Fresh Vegetables

Just picked!

Fall is in the garden! Gardening time for us is winding down. Fall is definitely on the horizon. The leaves are changing colors and some are falling. Our plants in the garden are still producing, but they are almost done. The leaves of my best producers this year have turned color and are wimpy now. I am sad to see them go. They have given us an endless supply of yellow squash, cucumbers, bush beans, and soon to be harvested, winter squash and pumpkins. I can’t complain. Even the robins have abandoned us and are in the forest behind us now. Blue Jays are making noise all day long with the chickadees. That is a sure sign to me that fall is almost here. I am not sad about it. I enjoy fall and the cooler weather.  

Squash plants dying

One of my best producers this year!

The squash plants I planted this year were all non-GMO heirlooms and they provided so much for us, and for my son. I carried bags of squash and cucumbers to him. He loved it and so did the others who live in his apartment building. I’d rather give it to him to share, than for it to go bad because we can’t eat it all. This summer was a strange summer. I think we watered our garden only once. There were no bugs or pests in the garden at all. Even the one rabbit who visited the garden, only grazed on the clover in the grass surrounding the raised beds. He never once crossed that line. 

Bee in Squash Flower

Still have bees in my garden!

We had an abundance of bees in the garden this year. Not only there, but around the wild plants surrounding our property. Plenty of bumble bees, as well as, the hated yellow jackets. The yellow jackets made a nest in a stack of firewood, and my husband and one of the cats, I think, got stung by them. My husband was stung twice at the same time.

Always one more basket full!

Always one more basket full!

Every morning I go out to the garden with the intention of pulling up the plants that look like they are done. Instead, I see baby squash and cucumbers all over them. I end up lugging a basket full of squash and cucumbers, that I just picked. Not complaining at all. My cupboard is full of home canned squash and beans, ready for winter meals. Now I am getting prepared for tomato canning this week. What about you? How did your garden do?

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Fall In New York

Paddock in Fall

 Our horses’ paddock in fall!

Fall is here. The trees have turned color and are falling from the trees. I imagine they will all fall in the next heavy rain or wind. We have been enjoying the beauty of our state in fall for weeks now.  The maples have turned vivid red over the week-end now. I keep saying they can’t get much prettier or more vivid. But they do!

Fall Road

 Our road in the fall!

It’s not so much the leaves turning and falling that affect me. It is the smell of fall! I love the smell of the leaves. We do not have to rake our leaves as some people do. We leave them on the lawn as I believe it is good for it. I also spread leaves on my raised beds for the winter.

Fall 2012 On TrucktrailTruck trail, the road through the state forest

Fall is a time of scurrying around to ready your homestead for the winter. The time to make sure you have enough food and heat (wood for us), enough warm clothing and things to keep you busy during the cold winter.

Hay Field

Long cold winter nights, eating stews, soups and chili or other comforting foods that warm your body. Curled up in front of a blazing wood stove, reading a good book aloud to your family or maybe playing a game or someone playing a guitar or other instrument. Passing time with your family, with thoughts of the spring to come. What do you do or think of during fall?

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All Photographs Copyright © 2012 Kathleen G. Lupole