Canning Yellow Squash

Pressure Canners on stove

Pressure Canners

This year, I have been very busy canning yellow squash. I told you in my last “From the Garden to the Table” post, that I would share with you the way I can summer squash. This year, my zucchini didn’t come up, so I only did the yellow squash. If you did not read the previous post, be sure to do so now. I showed how I get it ready for canning in that post. That post is really the first step, so be sure to read it.

Keep Jars Hot

Keep Jars Hot

The actual process of canning yellow squash is not that difficult. Fill a stock pot with the chunks of squash and add water to the top. Heat until boiling and let boil for about five minutes. Meanwhile fill your clean canning jars with hot water so they are hot. I have mine standing in a sink of hot water as well. Or you can have them simmering in hot water on your stove. I can’t do that because I do not have enough room on my stove, even though I have a big one. Get your lids and rims ready, and put them in hot water to wait until you need them. After it has boiled for about five minutes, take it off your stove. Put your pressure canner (NOT a pressure cooker……..there IS a difference!) on the burner with about 3″ of water in it.

Canner Exhausting

Canner Exhausting for 10 minutes.

You can put 1/2 – 1 tsp. of salt in the jar before you fill it, if you want to. Salt is just for taste. I don’t use it anymore when I am canning yellow squash. Fill a jar with the squash and add enough hot water to go to 1/2″ from the top. Then wipe the rim of the jar and put a dry rim and lid on. Put the jar in the canner and do the rest of the jars the same way. After it has exhausted for 10 minutes, put the regulator on it, and bring it up to pressure. In my case, it is 10 lbs. pressure for 45 minutes for quarts, or 40 minutes for pints.

Home Canned Yellow Squash

My canned yellow squash

After the time is up, I turn the burner off and the pressure will drop. Do not try to open it or take the regulator off before the pressure is at zero! I wait till I hear a little noise from the exhaust, then I still wait about five minutes more, before removing the regulator or the lid. Always lift the lid away from you so you don’t get burned. Then I let the jars sit about five minutes more with the lid off. Then I take each jar out with the jar lifter, and set the jar on a doubled towel in a spot where they can sit for 24 hours undisturbed. Do not attempt to remove the rims until the 24 hours is up. I always wash the jars after I take the rim off. Then label the lid before putting them away in your pantry or root cellar. You have finished canning yellow squash! This product can sit in your pantry for a long time before you use it. Longer than frozen and you won’t lose it in a power outage or if your freezer breaks down.

Squash Casserole

Squash Casserole

One of our favorites is my famous squash casserole. Canning yellow squash is perfect for casseroles. I can skip the step of cooking it first, because it is cooked in the jars, and is already soft. I have other casserole recipes that I use for the squash too. It is just as good, boiled in a pan, as you do when you prepare it fresh. It smells and taste just like the day you picked it.

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