Taking Down A Big Tree

Big Cherry Tree

Our big cherry tree

Taking down a big tree near a house is a very critical job. I do not recommend doing it yourself unless you are experienced in cutting trees down. A tree can go down in any direction, even the opposite direction of where you want it to fall. Our big cherry tree was very close to our house. The roots were growing underneath our house for many years now. We had already done work on the foundation of the house, which was a lot of hard work for my husband. He decided that it would be best to get the tree out of there, before it caused more trouble for our house and maybe even our well. So after our apple tree had fallen down, he started on this tree as well. I was nervous about it, since it right near the house and because it was so heavy. I am always afraid of a big tree falling on him as he falls the trees.

Thick Tree Trunks

Thick trunks!

I know many people will wonder about us taking a big tree like this down because of the shade it would give us in the summer. To tell you the truth, as big as it was, it did not provide much shade. When we sat outside, we usually sat under the old apple tree for shade. With that being gone already, we didn’t even consider this tree a source of shade. This made us think about how taking this tree and some others down would improve our garden. So we went outside to put this plan into action. My husband studied this tree and the area around it. To see what it might hit or if he could direct it in a particular direction. He is very careful when doing this type of work.


Notched tree

Notched the tree

He made a notch on the tree that is essential in the way a big tree will go down. Then he worked from there. It took a long time to cut through this thick tree. I was off in the distance with my camera and our cat. I kept her distracted so she wouldn’t run in the area of the tree falling.

First Half of Tree

First Half of Tree Down!

Standing off in the distance, I heard the familiar crack – then the tree falls over in slow motion. Then crash! It was down. Of course this was just half of this big tree. We decided to wait till this half is cut up and out of the way before doing the other half of it.

Tree Down!

Tree Down!

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