Snow is Everywhere

backyard in snow

Our backyard

Snow is everywhere this winter. The cold weather and snow of winter is hard to handle here on our homestead. We don’t use snow blowers or tractors. Not yet anyway! Their time is coming. I see in the future we really need a tractor here to clean up the snow. As we get older, those jobs are harder. It will free my husband up from a job that takes him hours to complete. Then it snows again! Every winter we say this is the worst winter we have had. That is not true though. Winter is always cold and snowy. Always. The only thing to do is to find easier ways to deal with it. Paying someone fifty bucks to come to our house to plow is crazy. The next day the snow would be back. We’d go broke in a month!

Solar Panels and snow

Cleared Solar Panels

Snow has to be removed from the solar panels so the sun will hit them. Snow has to be shoveled from the driveway to be able to use the car or the truck. They have to be cleared off too. If you want to go somewhere, you don’t want to clean them off then. Keeping the snow cleared from the driveway and the vehicles makes life a lot easier. We have paths to our compost pile, so after the barn is cleaned the dirty bedding can be taken there in a wheelbarrow. The area around the well needs to be clear so we can use the pump for our water and the horses’ water (of which, they drink a lot in the winter). The path to the generator has to be cleared so that can be used too. It is used often at this time of year. The path to our satellite dish must be cleared in case the snow accumulates on it. Not to mention the path to the firewood. That must be cleared and kept cleared. We go through a lot of wood with two wood stoves going, one for cooking and one for heating. 

Paths Shoveled

Path shoveled to generator

A long time ago, in my previous life, living in cities was so very different than living in the country. Winter meant worrying about being able to get to work on bad roads. I could always take a cab if I had to, so it wasn’t that big of a worry. When I lived in apartments, the landlords took care of the sidewalks and driveways. Then when I lived in a house, I didn’t live right downtown, so our house didn’t have sidewalks on our street. I believe we paid someone to plow or shovel the driveway back then. It was cheap or sometimes it was a high school student who shoveled it for a few bucks.Times have changed since then. 

Driveway Shoveled Out

Driveway shoveled out

My husband has kept our driveway and paths cleared. It is  hard work, but he pushes himself to do it. He does a wonderful job. I hope we can get that tractor to make it easier soon! 

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