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This page is a list of various resources on the internet that I have found useful. They are sites I have gone to or go to for information on how to do something or to just read about the same types of interests I have. I hope they will be useful to you also.

Jackie Clay Atkinson is my number one person to go for information on most any homesteading topic. From canning to gardening to livestock. I have picked up much of my knowledge of canning and gardening from her books, articles in Backwoods Home Magazine and her blog. You must read her blog! 

Homesteading Families is now my favorite homesteading forum. If you have a question, just ask and someone will have an answer for you. This has replaced the old Homesteading Today forum for many of us old timers. Homesteading Today changed ownership and is now owned by a company who promotes Monsanto and Dupont among other questionable companies. I do not want to have any connections to those type of companies so I have quit going there. 

Backwoods Home Magazine is the magazine my husband and I started reading when we lived in the busy city of St. Petersburg, FL. It started us on our homesteading journey to our little homestead in upstate NY. Full of information on how to do just about everything you need to homestead.

Country Living in a Cariboo Valley – Learn how to grow your own food and be as self-sufficient as possible in this day and age.

Countryside and Small Stock Journal  is the other magazine we used to teach us how to live this self-sufficient lifestyle. I wrote a couple of articles in this magazine and made some friends nearby and faraway. A magazine written with a new concept of the readers writing the articles and sharing their information. 

Backwoods Solar is the company we bought a good share of our alternative energy system components. They give you a lot of information in their little catalog. I read it like a book! 

Mother Earth News is a magazine that I still enjoy. It has a lot of good information in their back issues as well as the new ones. 

Lehman’s is essential to most modern homesteaders. If they don’t have it, you probably don’t need it. We have purchased a lot of items from them over the years.

Pam’s Pride Recommendations is my friend, Pam’s list of what she calls “Budget Friendly Kindle Downloads” for homesteaders, preppers, self-reliant  or anyone that really likes to cook , garden or live a greener lifestyle. She finds the books for you and you can go directly from her site to Amazon to buy the books for your Kindle. 

Low Carb Kitty! is a great resource for anything low carb. I have discovered new recipes that I am really excited to try. 

Caveman Keto is a new site I found that is basically written for people following the Keto food plan. Well, the recipes are low carbs too and are new to me and easy to follow. I am looking forward to these recipes too.

Sugar-Free Mom is a new site I discovered that has tons of recipes that are all sugar-free. Sugar-free is my goal. I was doing okay, and then started adding the poison back into my life little by little. Now the recipes I found on this site will make me not even look at that sugar bag again. 

The Homestead Survival is a great resource for all homesteading topics such as gardening, raising chickens, canning, etc. 

Living Well Spending Less is  site about just what it’s title says………living well and spending less. It can be done. 

Becoming Minimalist is a good site for helping you to choose the simple life. Live your life for you and your family, not for your stuff.

Low Carb Zen is my favorite website for anything doing with low carbs. Dixie who runs this site, is very knowledgeable on this way of eating.

DJ Foodie is a site I found and have been studying his information for awhile now. Good site for eating healthy!

Kitchen Stewardship is for those who feel eating real food is a bit overwhelming. Excellent source of information!

The Healthy Home Economist says for you to embrace your right to a life time of health! Highly recommend! Read the older posts too!

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