Raised Beds Can Be Built Cheaply, Quickly and Easily

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I have written about my raised beds many time on my blogs. They make gardening so much easier. My raised beds are made of a variety of materials. Whatever I find. Nothing fancy. In a previous post I wrote last year, Gardening In Containers And Raised Beds, I gave you an idea of how I have done it. Actually, its fun! I love to find a new container or material for my garden. To me, it is a treasure!

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Made of cinder block and rock.

Using various materials you find around your home or that others may give to you for free, makes the cost of raised beds relatively cheap. I read today a few threads on my favorite homesteading forum and saw members who don’t use them, try to discourage others from doing so. Saying they are too expensive to build or they take too much time to put together. That is rubbish! Those guys must be really lazy to say that. My husband put our wood ones together fairly easy. The rock ones we built together. They were fun putting them together. Some people like to have everything easy and no work at all. 

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Raised Bed Made Of Rocks

The first rock bed I built was from rocks I picked up in the horses’ paddock. I’d be out there with them in the morning and started piling them up. Pretty soon I realized I had enough to build something with. What should I build? Well, gardening is what I do! So it made sense. I loved the way it looked.  But I wish I hadn’t made it quite so big, as it was hard to harvest what ends up in the center. I thought about putting a solar light or fountain in the center, and may do that in the future. It is my favorite bed, since it is closer to the house than any of the others.

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Cement Block Planter

There are many types of containers and materials you can use to put up for a raised bed. The thing I like about cinder blocks and rock is that they stay warm, long after the sun has gone down. So the plants in those beds have that extra heat. The wood beds eventually have to be rebuilt, because we won’t use treated wood in our garden. If you’d like to see some examples, go to my Pinterest Homestead Garden board, where I have re-pinned quite a few of ones I like. These are mostly not mine, but others I have seen and liked.

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Raised Beds Around Trees.

When my husband dug out a room for the batteries for our solar system, he carried the rocks he uncovered out back, and built another raised bed. It was a BIG one! I liked it. He had to include two trees into the design. New York is full of rock. If you are digging for any reason, you will run into a lot of rock. And not just little field stones. But you can find other materials to use if you do not have rock. Just look at things with an open mind!

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Plenty of room in these beds!

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