“Prepping” Or Independence? Which Do You Do?


Living Secluded

Is  “prepping” or ” independence” in your plans? Today everyone is trying to “prep” or prepare in case something happens in the world. Or our country. Whatever happens that makes it so you cannot shop or get supplies. Some people believe it means you won’t be able to leave your home because there will be nothing to go to. Books about this situation are a hot topic on Amazon right now. I have read a few. They are interesting, but as for me, whatever happens, happens. I cannot change the outcome of anything. 

Fall In NY


Am I going to get stressed over it and worry about it? Not really. For me, it’d be a waste of time. My husband and I discuss this often after reading what is posted on Facebook that day. We just keep taking our life one step at a time and making headway in our own plans. At our age, we aren’t going to make any drastic changes in how we live or what we do. That is  how we do everything, in moderation. Don’t worry about something till it happens. In fact, if something like that did happen and you had to live independently for the rest of your life, wouldn’t you run out of the “prepping” supplies?  So I am back to “prepping” or “independence,” which means if you chose independence, the prepping supplies would not matter.

Homesteading on the Internet

Our Road

It is true that we live off-the-grid, but we didn’t do that as a form of “prepping.” We wanted to do it as a form of independence. Even if we bought another property that had power lines going right by it, we would not hook up to the utility company. We have learned how to operate our own power system and I think we’d stick with that form of living. Now I am not sure if when you build a new house if you have to hook up if it is available in the area you are building in or not. The thing to strive for is knowing you can take care of yourself and your family if something did happen. Don’t worry about the supplies, instead learn how to do things. Skills and knowledge will be the best preparations you can do right now! 


Our Horses

Our future may include moving to a larger piece of land that is more secluded if possible. I am always browsing the local real estate listings to see if any catch my eye. In many ways, we’d like that even better than our little homestead here. Having a larger piece of land where we could graze our horses would be better for them and for us. Here we spend a lot of money buying hay. That is not a form of independence at all. Pasture would be. I’d rather they were out on a pasture. So would they! 



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8 thoughts on ““Prepping” Or Independence? Which Do You Do?

  1. I’d say right now we are in prep mode OR I should say we were. My husband has been laid off for over a month and a half so we are eating our storage some.
    Our plain is to get him back to work, sell our home, buy acreage hopefully to get off grid and to be as self sufficient as we can.

  2. Just remember to spend time learning how to do various skills and don’t depend on prepping supplies. It is better to learn to do things that will furnish you with all you need in the future. So if you use your prepping supplies, you will be replacing them with something else. Good luck with selling your house! Off the grid gives you much independence.

  3. You’re right. I haven’t done that. I’ve been SO busy selling things from my home so we can live in a place half the size. I don’t think anyone needs 4 cupcake tins. LOL.
    I didn’t do any canning except vacuum packing tootsie rolls, m & m’s and popcorn in canning jars. 🙂
    I had prepped a lot this summer.
    I hope we have time to learn once we get into our new home. I hope to buy a pressure canner for my Christmas present. 🙂
    Hey, how do we get notification of replies????????

  4. Ok, let me know if it works or not. I am having a horrible time with my WordPress blogs today. Especially one of them, LupeShop. Ruining my day. Thanks for helping me out.

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