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As you listen to the evening news, read the daily newspapers or study Facebook posts, you are bound to start feeling fear. Fearing a civil war due to the political differences of your fellow citizens is a very realistic feeling. The predictions you hear from others can start anxiety or panic attacks in people. Sometimes other people want to cause you that fear. Sometimes they are just repeating something and don’t even check it out to see if it is real or not. I see a lot of that on Facebook myself. 

Homesteading On The internet

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The best advice I can give you is to not to worry until you have to worry. Most of the time, those predictions do not come true. Or if they do, it is not actually as a big a catastrophe  as everyone led me to believe. You can listen to them to be polite, but don’t take what they say to heart. Instead of sitting around worrying, like people were when they thought the world was going to end in December of last year, live your life as if nothing was going to happen. As we know, the world did not end!

Homesteading On The Internet

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Start stockpiling supplies, just in case you need them. You know things like food, cleaning supplies, household items, pet supplies, etc. Then if something did happen you’d be able to fall back on the stocked supplies. 

Put together BOBs (Bug Out Bags) for each family member and your pets. Even your infant babies need their own BOBs!

Learn how to make a first aid kit. Include a first aid kit of holistic remedies. A medicinal plants field guide 
is a must! Know about everything you have growing near you. This is very important in case of not being able to go to a health care provider (holistic or Allopathic). 

Remember the top 5 things you will need in case of any emergency is: Shelter, Water, Food, Fuel and stove for heating and cooking, and Clothing (including shoes or boots). Plan NOW! Before you need it!

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