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No Spammers! No SEO writers! No content writers needed! To all the people trying to get me to pay them to write content for this blog……….FORGET IT! I am not interested. This is a personal blog and I may not write new posts as often as I should. That is because I live this life and it takes work. As you can see my blog is not being written to make money. It is my hope to connect with other people who are into homesteading, modern homesteading, living on off-the-grid homesteads or just want to prepare for the uncertain future ahead. I really doubt the people contacting me to write content have the experience I have living this way. There is more to it than writing a post full of spam advertisements and promoting products that you have never used yourself. I only promote products that I buy myself and use them in my home. I do not care about or would even consider paying for SEO content written by someone I do not know for my blog. It is, as I said, my personal blog! 

My life is very busy and sometimes I just do not have the time to write a blog post. I must admit, I have been disillusioned with writing my blogs lately. You may know my other blog, Solar Baby, disappeared one day. The whole thing. I know, it should have been backed up. I could never do that. Every time I tried to, it would say it failed. I have been attempting to rewrite it, but it will never be the same. I was writing it since 2008. On Solar Baby now, I am using different software than WordPress and I don’t really like it. But I never liked WordPress either. And I still don’t. Now my blog on blogger is my favorite. Never a problem with it. The only thing is that it is not self-hosted and is free to use. So somehow that makes it unstable. I guess because blogger can remove your blog on a whim. The best thing to do is to build your own site, which I have done with Solar Baby and this one, but you are still stuck with the software issue. Still I do not want any content writers for my blogs. They are my voice only and are going to stay that way.

I hope my regular blog readers will understand and I think they do, since most of the them are into this self-sufficient lifestyle and know it is hard work. Please all you spammers, content writers and SEO writers, go find someone who is interested in your work because I am not. Leaving a lame comment on this blog will never be seen, as I delete them all.

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