Losing My Beloved Dog, Nikita Blackwolf

Nikita Blackwolf Lupole

Nikita Blackwolf

Losing my beloved dog is the hardest thing I have ever experienced. Nikita, passed away on February 18, 2013. It is still hard for me to talk about. But she died at home, naturally, and is at peace now. She was having the usual health problems we all go through in the aging process. She had gained weight in her recent years, and I believe she had Cushings. But never realized that until almost near the end of her life. Nikita lived a happy life out here. Never had to be tied up or contained in any way. A free life meant a happy life for her.


Nikita eating a deer carcass.

Nikita was my first and only dog since I grew up. The dogs my parents had when I was a child weren’t dogs that I ever got close to. They were always chained up outside. I would never do that to a dog, not ever! So I never really thought I liked dogs. I always said I was a cat person. And I always have a had a cat or two. Now I have three. Nikita taught me how different a dog can be. I feel she was an extra special dog, extremely smart. It didn’t feel like she was an animal. I was with her daily, all day long. Her passing has left a huge hole in my heart. 


Our Little Girl

I am thankful to have had Nikita in my life for fifteen years! That is a long time for a dog, I believe. I am also thankful that she didn’t suffer too badly at the end, and was able to go naturally. She went out by the forest path in our backyard, and I knew then, that she knew she was going to die there. My husband, my son and I, as well as our horses and cat, Hobo, were all nearby. We all miss her terribly, as she was a huge part of our home. Each one us paid a lot of attention to her every day. Losing my beloved dog, Nikita is a hard post to write today. 


Nikita, as a puppy!

She is gone now, but forever in our hearts! 


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All Photographs Copyright © 2013 Kathleen G. Lupole


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