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Peaceful Forest Homestead

Peaceful Forest Homestead


This page is information I thought may be helpful for my readers. Some is free and some isn’t.

Pam’s Pride Recommendations – Budget friendly Kindle downloads for homesteaders, preppers and do-it-your-selfers.


Backwoods Home Magazine – Practical Ideas for Self Sufficient Living.

Homesteading With Jackie Clay – Ask Jackie Clay about canning, gardening, livestock, etc.



Massod Ayoob On Guns – A good source for learning about self defense on the homestead.



The Homestead Survival – Homesteading knowledge and skills on a vast amount of topics.

Country Living In A Cariboo Valley – Growing your own food and raising chickens and more.


Time Stood Still In The Smokies – (PDF) Deep in the mountains of east Tennessee, the Walker sisters were living up to 1966, when the last one died, but they were living in the same manner they always lived, as if in the early 19th century.






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