In The Middle Of The Forest

My Favorite Road

If you are new to this blog I thought I’d tell you a little about me. I live on a small off-the-grid homestead that is surrounded by the state forest. This forest is very thick, though it has been logged in recent years. In 2000, a year after we moved here, a tornado came through our area and took down over 300 trees. It helped us with clearing our land and getting firewood, but we’d rather have done it ourselves on our own schedule!

Dirt Road Through the Forest

All the roads leading to our house are dirt but are well taken care of. Our road looks to me like a trail through the woods. Sometimes the grass grows in the middle of it and I like that. The forest keeps it cool out here so when everyone else is sweating the summer weather, our home is usually about 10 degrees cooler.


I know many people are against logging the state forest, but I see its value. The forest came right up to the backyard, almost to the house when we first moved here. We had to clear it for our garden, barn and paddock. Many times the younger trees die because the bigger trees’ canopies block them from getting any sunlight or even rain. So for the new trees to grow and give the larger trees more room to spread out, they need to be pruned/logged to develop. Otherwise, they all die.


I never get tired of living in the forest. In winter it is even more beautiful. I love the silence of the snow in the forest. In the spring, it is alive with returning birds and new plants and leaves. In the summer, it is abundant with life and food if you know what to look for. In fall, the colors of the trees and the birds filling up with food to make the trip down south. The forest rocks all year long!



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All Photographs Copyright © 2012 Kathleen G. Lupole

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