Aging and Homesteading Can Be Hard

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The homesteading life can be hard as you get older. No doubt about that. Aging is a part of life. If you don’t age,you are dead. Aging and homestead can be hard! It is something everyone will have to face sooner or later. Unless you give up on it. People tell me don’t stop living this homestead life. But they don’t know how hard it is when you can not stand up  for long. I can no longer help my husband with any chores, such as feeding the horses, carrying in water, or bringing in firewood. I used to go out and gather kindling in the forest. Now I am lucky if I can walk to the mailbox.

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Gardening takes some work!

Gardening is something I am trying to make easier. The last couple of years, I have been taking a stool or chair out to the garden and just move it around and work from it sitting down. Using my electric garden cart makes it easy to move the chair or stool around the garden beds. I am planning on planting some of my plants in containers this year and maybe keep them near or on my deck. That way I can handle them easier. But I will still fill all our raised beds. Need as much food as possible this year! Groceries are outrageous at the stores now.

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Low Carb Supper

This year my husband has started eating low carbs with me. That makes it easier not to have to fix extra foods that aren’t low carbs. Low carb is easier to make and clean up after. Besides the low carb food is helping me feel better and that will help in the long run. Low carb food is perfect for people growing their own foods such as homesteaders do. Most of the food is cooked from scratch. So I find it easy to combine my lifestyle with eating low carbs which are also very healthy! Since aging and homesteading is a fact of live, eating healthy can’t hurt, now can it?

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  2. Well looks like somewhat the same lifestyle we lived for 20 years. We had to build in the hayfield. So a few years were pretty rough. Get in touch please. Would like to know where you are. We had our place in Montgomery county. I’m 66 and my husband is 72. Would love to compare notes. Had to sell 2 years ago because of serious health issues. We’re not happy. We hosted open houses for years. I spoke at Cobleskill college on alternative energy,we had Cornell university here for a day of living off the grid. Lots of stuff. Trying to now make our little village place into a tiny escape. My husband tapped the trees in the front yard and has been making maple syrup(we had a maple operation)

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