Homestead Planning is the Key

Georgie Girl

Georgie Girl

Homestead planning is the key!  As our year comes to a close, I wonder what things we can accomplish in the coming new year. Every year, we do more and more and our home becomes easier to manage. Some years in the past, we have not gotten nearly as much done as we would have liked. This past year was very productive for us in many ways. I would have to say the last two years were a success. We have made changes in our homestead that has made our life much easier in many ways. As we get older that is a good thing. I know when you are young, you think you will never get old. If you are lucky, you will.

Our raised beds

Some of our raised beds

This is the first year that I have had to buy more canning jars, since I filled up all the ones I had. That means part of my homesteading planning always takes place in the garden and the kitchen. Our garden was very successful and that makes me want to make it even better next summer. We have plans for planting some fruit trees and berry bushes. Fruit is something we are sadly lacking. The seed catalogs have been coming in very quickly this year. I have picked out the varieties I want to plant. We are really excited about the next gardening season! I am going to take the bull by the horn, so to speak, and take a chance on planting tomatoes once again. I am armed with information now, on how to fight the Late Blight. We shall see. I have to try.

Inside the rood cellar

Inside the root cellar

Our root cellar will be usable by next year. Actually it is usable this year, but I haven’t cleaned it out and organized it yet. That will be one of the first things I will do as part of my homestead planning in the spring. All our canned foods, hopefully, will be able to go downstairs. In the kitchen canning cupboard, I keep a number of each kind of food that I canned. When I use it up, I will go downstairs and replenish it. That way it is convenient for me when I am in the process of fixing a meal. Right now, all those jars are in Rubbermaid containers upstairs. 



All spring, summer and fall, firewood work is a major part of our homestead planning. Gathering kindling and stacking it for the next winter. Cutting and splitting firewood. This year, hopefully, we will be changing the chimney on our wood stove in the living room from 6″ to 8″. Changing the elbow upstairs to no elbow and fixing the rain cap and putting on a new roof on that portion of the house. The hearth too, will be improved and designed for efficiency. It will be much better and will use less wood. It will improve our homestead’s efficiency and keep our house even warmer. Making a plan for your homestead will always increase the improvements you make to it. Write it down! Pay attention to it. Then when spring rolls around, start to work on it! Good luck!

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