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Alternative energy systems are not a joke anymore!

Power outages happen all the time. If your electricity went out for a day, would it be a big deal? What about if it went out for 10 days? Now would that affect you and your family? What about at your job? That may be a big deal. Many businesses depend on the computer system nowadays. 

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Lets say for instance, you got up in the morning to get ready for work and the electric coffeemaker does not start. Now what do you do? You have to take a shower, get breakfast and get to work. And what about families? Yes, CHILDREN! What do you do now? Get some cereal out and feed them cold cereal since you may have to use up the milk in the refrigerator anyway. 



If you do not have young children and do not have to go to a job, it may be easier to handle. It would depend on the weather too. Cold winter weather means you need some type of heat that does not use electric. It can be a good sign if you have a means to heat your home that does not use electricity, since cold winter weather can be a means of keeping your food cold. Make ice during the night. I have done that many times during the winter. Put plastic jugs outside with water inside to freeze and then stick it in your refrigerator or freezer to hold the cold temperatures as long as possible.

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Hot summer weather is a whole other story. At least if it is hot you don’t have to worry about heating! Water pumping, refrigeration, cooking food, etc. All things to think and plan for. People down south, would be very uncomfortable without their air conditioners, though there are methods to keep cool that are pretty easy to set up. 

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Do you think you could live like people did before electric existed? No? Even though I have an alternative electric system, I could live that way. In fact, when we first moved into our house, we did live that way. We had no generator and no solar electric system at that time. Basically, we still live that way somewhat, but not all the time. Some of the items we use are not electric but run on batteries or solar that is separate from the solar electric system.

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The only advice I can offer you is to right now make a plan. Plan for what you would do in case of a major blackout. Plan what you would do for:

  • Fuel – Heating and cooking
  • Water – For cooking, drinking, bathing, cleaning and pets or livestock, 
  • Refrigeration of your food that is presently in your refrigerator and freezer, 
  • Cooling – depending on the weather and where you live, plan for cooling to replace electric air conditioning 
  • Food – Make sure you have enough food stocked that does not have to be cooked. 

Think about this today. Get started as soon as possible if you have not been taking “Doomsday Preppers” serious. Now is the time think about it. A power outage can happen at any day or hour. It doesn’t have to be caused by a storm. Just be prepared and you can sit back and not be so stressed over it. And if it doesn’t happen? Just keep preparing for the day when it really does happen. You never know. 

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