Gasoline Powered Motors

Truck Loaded with Hay

Truck Needed on Homestead

Gasoline powered motors are on their way out on our homestead. We do not really want to use them. Just forced to at the present time. Not too long ago on a homesteading forum I belong to, when I mentioned hating gasoline powered vehicles, I had another member say to me that with proper maintenance those vehicles will work perfectly. Well, I know plenty about gasoline powered motors and vehicles. My father was an automobile mechanic and he loved to work on gasoline motors. Always fixing. Other people would give him their old motors that they had to replace and my father would of course, fix them up and use them. But it was an ongoing thing. Always fixing them. Our vehicles are properly maintained. Very well so, I might add! Always trouble with them no matter how well you take care of them.

2011 Nissan Titan

Our truck is needed!

Our 2011 Nissan Titan pick up truck is a perfect example. With only 36,000 miles it is a big sour lemon! Nissan doesn’t back up their warranties and makes sure they have an out on whatever goes wrong with it. Seems to me that if Nissan really built their vehicles well, they would gladly fix the ones that had issues without worrying about the details in the warranties. Just fix the hunk of junk! We can’t wait to get rid of this one. Even though it is a pretty truck, never will I consider a Nissan vehicle again. For the present time though, we are stuck with gasoline vehicles, I just hope that in the future, we will be driving and charging our own electric vehicles.


Our Driveway

Winter time isn’t usually thought of as a really productive time of the year. After all, you are doing those winter chores that most people dread. Snow shoveling being one of them. Plowing a driveway is another one. We do not have a plow on our truck or any other type of equipment that would have a plow. Our driveway is hand shoveled by my husband. With all the winter time work he has to do, he wanted to make the snow removal easier. Why not buy a snowblower? Fuel. We have been challenging ourselves to eliminate fuels as much as possible. Not meaning to leave out the fact that gasoline powered motors of any kind, vehicles, lawnmowers. chainsaws, generators, rototillers and snowblowers, are well known for not starting or being broke down when you need to use them. That is why they are always being replaced and so many end up in the local junkyard. Another important fact that makes us not want to use gasoline powered machines and equipment is the fumes and smell. Why put yourself through the agony of breathing in those toxic fumes if you don’t have to? 

Snow Wolf

Clearing Snow!

In order to make the snow removal job easier this year, we purchased a new type of snow shovel called the Snow Wolf. It out performs snowblowers without the fumes or repairs that are always part of owning and using gasoline powered motors. My husband had to assemble it as it comes in a box. He used it on our driveway and on the paths we have to various areas of our homestead. It worked great and he likes it so far. Easier for him then regular snow shoveling, plus no fumes to breathe, fuel or parts to buy, as with a snowblower. We are very happy with it. It is easier on his back and maybe will not tire him out so bad as shoveling does. I believe it used to be called the “Wovel” and it has a new name and possibly the design might be different. I do not know if it was the exact same snow shovel or not. It has 447 reviews on Amazon and for the most part, it seems like everyone loves it. Time will tell. 

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