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Today, I decided to take the bull by the horn and get to work on my garden. I have neglected it badly due to the fact that my knees are very painful and I tend to put off the hard work. Last night I took two aspirin before I went to bed, slept great and in the morning, I took two more aspirin. I don’t recommend relying on aspirin, but I knew I badly needed to do some physical work outside. My husband can only do so much. And I truly enjoy having a big, beautiful garden.


All weeded


The raised beds were full of weeds! I mean full! I am NOT kidding! I got to work and to make the work easier, if you are like me, you know with a physical problem, you need it easier or you will not do it. I used a lightweight bucket that I could easily carry and pulled weeds and put them in the bucket. A little thing like that made all the difference in the world!


Bucket Full Of Weeds


I weeded a bed, plowed it with the wheel hoe and planted the seeds. Then I’d go into the house and drink a glass of water and work on the computer till I cooled off. Ate breakfast too, which was leftover Chinese food from last night. Then I’d head back outside and do the next bed. I finally had five beds done. And six more to go. If I am not too sore, I will do them tomorrow.


Using the Wheel Hoe


All of these beds on this side of the house are made of wood. Last year my husband replaced two. Now this year he is pretty busy, so he won’t be replacing any. I am planting all green beans and wax beans in these beds. I like to can them together, mixing them together. It is a pretty effect. Well, this year we went through all of the beans we had canned. I believe it is because there were three of us here instead of just two. My son stayed with us all through the year, which I did not expect. I know he will be leaving soon, but I want to restock and fill our pantry with as much food as possible. Everything I read says food is going up considerably. I see that at the check-out in every store.


Homesteading On The Internet


Today, I am rather pleased with myself that I have weeded, plowed and planted these beds. And it was a very hot day! Soon I will be posting pictures of these beds with bean plants growing in them. I can’t wait to share those photos with you! How are you doing with your garden this year?


Homesteading On The Internet

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