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Canned Chicken Breast

This year I am making some big plans on our food supply. I have a lot more canning jars empty at the moment, rather than full. So I need to get them filled up and put away. I am hoping we get some major changes done on our house. Then I will have the space for the jars. Ever since my root cellar has been torn apart, I have not been able to use it the way it is meant to be used. Between the root cellar and the pantry, the food supply should be easy to get to, and the right climate for the stored food.

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Canned Pumpkin

This year I am concentrating on low carb vegetables, since now my husband has embraced this food plan gladly. That is no problem, as there are many low carb vegetables to choose from! I will also be canning a lot of different meats, cheeses, butter and bacon. The more food I have in jars, then I can rest easy, that none of it will go to waste. Living without a refrigerator means you have to make sure you can store whatever food you grow or buy. Canning and dehydrating assures me of that fact. 

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Canned Cheese

Canning cheese, bacon and butter is a controversial subject. I had backed off it for awhile. But I have read new information on it. Jackie Clay, my favorite author from Backwoods Home Magazine has done it. If she can do it, so can I. I do it safely and if I suspect anything is amiss…… the garbage it goes! I have found new guidelines on canning bacon and will try it first. If I like it, I will tell my readers here all about it. After all, they sell canned bacon in the stores, so it means it can be canned.

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Home-Canned Hot Peppers

Figure out what you eat based on whatever diet you eat, and make your list from that. Grow or buy those foods. Make your main dishes that you eat often, the mainstay of your pantry. It is not hard to do. Don’t grow anything you don’t eat or like. If it is something you want to try, just plant a short row of that plant to see if you like it or not. 

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Last Corn From Daddy’s Garden

Eating low carbs means we don’t eat corn, potatoes or beets. After we have been on our plan awhile, we can have one or two of those vegetables a week. Not a huge helping of mashed potatoes and gravy though! The corn  I have left in my pantry is the last from my father’s garden. The last I will ever have of anything from his garden. I am not sad though! He instilled in me the need to garden. Then he taught me how to can food. So that knowledge will always live with me. Thanks, Daddy! 


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