Cooking Bacon Fast and Easy

Bacon and Eggs

Low carb breakfast

I LOVE bacon! I used to be afraid to tell anyone that because it had such a bad reputation. It seems as if, like eggs, it has redeemed itself. Now bacon is the “in” food to eat! Probably because there are so many recent new diets, that are low carbs and high fat. We know that the fat satisfies you, so you are not hungry. The “good” fats are good for you too. Bacon is one of those fats. If I eat eggs with no meat, I am hungry all day. If I eat bacon and eggs, I am good till supper time. 

Raw Bacon

Cooking bacon makes such a mess!

I cook mainly with cast iron skillets. Especially breakfast. Frying bacon is SO messy and splatters all over the stove and surrounding area. The bacon never comes out flat and big. Curls up. I like mine straight, flat and big. I hate restaurants that microwave it. I can tell the difference……..little puny slices that are barely cooked. I just had breakfast at a diner yesterday and that is what it was like. I knew it was zapped in the microwave (which is the worst thing you can use to cook if you want to eat nutritional food anyway, but that is a whole different blog post). Ugh! 

Bacon In Oven

Bacon In Oven

I found online in a few different blogs, and on Pinterest too, a different method to cook bacon. I have been cooking it like this since 2010, when I first found this recipe. We love it this way. Much quicker and it comes out perfectly! I stopped frying it in the cast iron skillet and use a cookie sheet instead. Wrap aluminum foil over top of the cookie sheet, and put the raw bacon neatly across it. Try not to let them touch or they will stick together. If that happens, you can separate them easily after they have cooled a bit. 

Half Done Bacon in oven

Half way done!

Put the pan of bacon in the cold oven. My oven tends to run hot, so I set the oven at 350 degrees. Once I hear the bacon sizzling, I turn it down to 325. This bacon was really good, the thick kind. If you are using the thin kind, watch it closely. I usually buy the thick kind, but thin will work too. It just cooks faster. Be careful turning it over as it splatters and may burn you. I know, I have been splatter, and it is not fun. 


All done!

I let the bacon cook about 20 minutes or so. Then I turn the slices over. Watch it extra close now, since once they are turned over they will cook super fast! Don’t overcook or burn it because you are not paying attention (easy to do! I know.). What is nice about this method is that if someone likes their bacon extra crisp, you can just leave their pieces in a bit longer than the rest.  

Bacon and Eggs

Bacon and eggs is a good low carb breakfast!

Since I am particular about my bacon, it is best when I cook it myself. Nice straight pieces every time! I only cook my bacon this way now.

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