Cold Weather Makes Chores Tougher

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Cold Temp This Morning!

Cold weather is expected in January and February. This year is no different. Cold weather is here, bringing our temperature down this morning to -9. Then it went down to -12. Now it is up to 10 above. Here in NY we are used to below zero temperatures. That doesn’t mean we like them. We don’t and I am hearing many people telling about having two sources of heat going at the same time. Many have furnaces and are running space heaters or kerosene heaters for the added warmth. Some people have wood stoves and only use them in cases like this. Most of the people I am friends with though, use wood stoves as their main heat source. I say if you want to be warm, you really do need a wood stove. 

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Splitting wood!

For us, winter is always tough. Having to cut, split and carry in firewood. Clean the chimney at least every month. Sometimes more. Prime the water pump, which is not usually a big job, but in these below zero temperatures, it has become a chore. Then pumping and carrying water in the house and to the horses. They drink a lot of water, especially when it is cold. 

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Brrr! Cold!

These are the days when you think back to those hot 90 degree days. I remember my dog and I suffering during the summer in the heat. Next summer, I will remember how cold I was today! I am usually a hot person, always trying to get cool. Even in the winter, I am not one to sit right up beside the wood stove. I even wear summer night gowns during the winter. Not this year! Well, at least not this week. 

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Bundle up!

I have always picked up warm clothes at the thrift stores. Sweat pants, sweat shirts, hunting socks, heavy gloves, boots, heavy robes (especially the ones with zippers), flannel night gowns and pajamas, sweaters, knit hats, etc. I pack them away in a Rubbermaid container for the future. I like flannel sheets, heavy blankets and especially, crocheted or knitted afghans. Warm is better than being cold if you just picked up a few things in the off season. 

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Fire in the wood stove!

Keep Warm!

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