Bush Beans Are Finished

Bush Beans All Done

Green & yellow beans are done for 2015.

Bush beans in our garden are finished for this year. I didn’t plant as many as I usually do. The reason for that was I have a huge amount of them canned from previous years. I have to admit that I thought I’d get more than I did. I usually do. This is one of our worst garden years yet.I did get some though, so I will not complain. Some is better than nothing. Today I picked what was left, half a basket. Then I pulled up the plants. They had turned yellow and didn’t have any flowers left. 

Bush Beans done

First Bed Done

The bush beans I plant are two different types, the contender and yellow wax beans. I can these and they are still crisp and fresh when I open the jars. They smell fresh picked. I cook them often and we love them. I can’t remember my mother making green beans that often when I was growing up. I know my husband’s mother probably didn’t either, because one time when I asked her if she wanted some fresh from the garden, she said they didn’t eat those. We certainly do. I fix them with a bit of bacon grease or Italian salad dressing. But you can use all types of seasonings or salad dressings to make them appeal to the fussy eaters in your house.

Working on Bush Beans

Working on Bush Beans

These two beds contained only bush beans, but the other beds have cherry tomatoes (that I did not plant! They are volunteers that come up all over the place every year.). There are also carrots, kale, three different kinds of cucumbers, lettuce, spinach, herbs, zucchini and some other things that I have probably forgotten. Gardening is fun for me and it is a good excuse to get outside. Otherwise, I’d probably be on the computer most of the day. In winter, I hardly ever get outside. As you can see in the pictures, I just move my chair along the beds and it makes it easy for me since I can get down on the ground to work in the garden. 

Bush Beans Cleaned Out

Both Beds Cleaned Out

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