Building A Homestead Barn

Homestead Barn

Building our barn!

When we moved here in 1999, there was no barn. And no yard and basically, just a house and an outhouse. So we had a lot of work to do to make this place our home. We did not really mind that we had no electric coming to it. And it was very quiet here at that time. We had both been influenced by Backwoods Home Magazine and some other homesteading magazines. None of that really bothered us as we were not using a computer at that time. We had one, but it was packed away for the time being.

Building The Second Floor

Building the second floor

How can you have a homestead if you do not have a barn? My husband had been piecing it together one little bit at a time. Once we had the horses here, then he knew he had to get started for sure. My horse, Georgie Girl badly wanted a barn. So he built our lean-to which is right next to the spot he wanted to put the  barn. Soon that was built and they were using it, but the barn was just a basic frame of what he wanted. The biggest problem was that there was no place to put the hay or the tack. 

Barn Stairs

Nikita’s favorite spot!

Our horses took interest in the barn going up. As did our dog, Nikita, who was jealous of the cats who went up on top of the frame of the roof. It was a happy day indeed, for Nikita, when my husband came in to get her to see the new stairs he had built while she was in the house sleeping. She was so excited! I can still see that day in my mind, now, long after she is gone. After the stairs were up, she could go up on the second floor and help with the building. She always felt she was needed up there with my  husband.

Building the second floor!

Building the second floor!

Soon it was up and the animals were all happy. I think they were happier than we were. Having a good dry place to store the hay was pretty nice. Up until then we had been storing it in our old Ford van. It worked, but made the yard look ugly. I was happy to see it hauled out of here. Now our horses have been used to having a barn that they can go in and out of whenever they choose. Changes around here always improve our life.

Cat on Top of Barn

Hobo liked being on top!

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