The Backyard On Our Homestead

Homestead Backyard

The center of our homestead!

The backyard has become the center of our homestead. We spend a lot of time out there. Not only working, but hanging out and enjoying the forest that surrounds us. It is also an area to work on projects. My husband spends most of his day outside. He mows the lawn and works on the raised beds. I do most of the gardening, such as the planting, weeding and harvesting, though many times he ends up doing that too. He does the hard part……….building the raised beds, hauling compost to fill them and plowing them up with the wheel hoe. That is not all he does in the backyard though. He works on his motorcycle, the lawnmowers, the solar system’s various parts and components, etc. Whatever he needs to do, in the summer, he does it in the backyard.

Stumps are gone

Two stumps that are now just dirt spots.

After taking down another tree, there were three tree stumps in the backyard. My husband had to dig down to the roots to remove them. They were good sized stumps. Now they are in the fire pit for a fire one of these nights. He worked hard on them, as it is not easy work. He didn’t use any type of equipment, except his strength and some manual tools. That was his work-out and he has the muscles to prove it! He likes it to be cleared of stumps so he can mow easily with the lawnmower. It is clear and smooth now, covered with fresh dirt. Soon no one will even know those trees existed.

Fire Pit

Our fire pit

Some people like swimming pools, hot tubs or jungle gyms, but our priority in our backyard is our garden. Raised beds is what I love to look out the window and see. Full of green, healthy plants that will be harvested in a few months and canned or stored fresh for winter meals. Once your garden is in, you can just enjoy the time spent out in it. I do. When I am weeding, I am thinking or sometimes praying. Listening to the birds as they sing and follow me around the garden. The robins are all over the yard all day. I can get pretty close to them, but not too close.

Snake Bed

Snake Bed, not because of snakes, but due to its shape.

I keep telling my husband we need to charge admission and call our backyard a park. It is better than going to one. Especially since we don’t have to drive anywhere. Okay, it would be nice to have a stream or a creek. A pond is nice too. I know that if you have water, you usually have more bugs. I don’t want any more bugs in our backyard than what we already have. That is what the toads are for. They eat bugs. We have more than a few of them, as well as snakes. Though I know for a fact that the snakes will eat the frogs. I had to save one that was being eaten by a snake. I had to take it out of the snake’s mouth. He didn’t appreciate that very much, but the frog certainly did. He hopped away as fast as possible! 

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